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Hello & welcome to the Penicuik Whats On (PWO) website. PWO has been serving Penicuik for over 15 years now. We're still the No1 website to find out what is happening socially in the Penicuik & surrounding area.

Q. What areas do we cover?

A. Basically anything in a 10 - 15 mile radius of Penicuik. So West Linton, Peebles, Gorebridge, Dalkeith, Bonnyrigg & all the villages & towns in between.

Q. Is it free to advertise on the site?

A. If you're advertising an event on the Whats On page e.g. a band, a Jumble Sale, a Charity Dance etc yes. However if you want to advertise a business or a Hotel / Restuarant menu/specials etc. Or sell something in our Classified section then it's 0.50p a word & an extra £1 to link to either a website or email address (£2 for both)

Q. I see you now have Advertising Banners, you never had them before.

A. Yes due to the nature of the beast I can no longer afford to pay all the cost of the site out of my own income. I need sponsorship & advertsing to pay for software, hosting & my time. However this is a great opertunity for Penicuik & surrounding businesses to advertise on the site. Internet advertising with direct links to businesses has been proven time & time again to be one of the best advertising mediums.